• Website Design

    professional web site design for the music and entertainment industryYour design, user interface, and user experience are of the utmost importance in representing your image on the web. With award winning designers and UI professionals, we have the experience and expertise to make sure that your design is perfectly taylored to your image. In addition, the FanCue platform has zero dependencies on third-party templates or coding, making the possibilities truly endless.

    Take a look at our portfolio and you'll find that our approach is different for every artist. Whether you are looking to focus on community and messaging or create a unique, inspiring online experience, we have the chops to make your vision come to life. Providing the best user experience for your fans largely depends on your genre, career phase and personality, and our design staff is fully equipped to consult with you in all aspects of the web medium.

    Contact us to schedule a design consultation. View the entire iDesign (creators of FanCue) portfolio at http://meetidesign.com/work

  • Content Management

    content management for entertainment industry bands, artists, and digital professionalsAt the rate that information is shared online, it cannot be overstated how important it is to connect to your audience with ease. As a Content Management System, FanCue is simple, intuitive, and requires no special knowledge or training for instant use. Add social network automation and email marketing into the mix, and now you're really in business. For those who want to dig deeper, we offer consulting and customization unlike any other platform on the market to ensure that the system works exactly to your specifications.

    If you require additional expertise on content management and strategy, we offer a network of digital marketing professionals whose track record speaks for itself. Contact us today to find out more about our network and see a demo of the FanCue platform.

  • Development

    There's a reason that you don't sell one-size-fits-all t-shirts to your fans... because they don't fit anybody. While out-of-the-box Content Management platforms like WordPress and Drupal have their place on the web, our own experience and frustrations with these softwares inspired us to build a new kind of framework.

    FanCue is completely customizeable and requires no hacking to function exactly the way you want it to. We offer consulting and programming of custom plugins for your site as well as installation of third-party plugins of your choosing with seamless integration. Our development staff takes pleasure in geeking out on new technologies and trends, and we are fully prepared to give your fans the best possible experience on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

    Contact us to learn more about our development process.

  • eCommerce

    online store for bands, solo artists, and the entertainment industryProfit in the digital age has been a hot topic for many music industry professionals. The FanCue platform provides you with a simple interface for achieving even the most complex goals in eCommerce.

    Upload digital files and create custom digital bundles of audio, video, graphics, etc. that are exclusive to your website. Sell access to premium online content. And of course, sell traditional merch directly to your fans and choose whether to handle your own order fulfillment or let us automate warehousing and fulfillment for you. All with powerful discounting and promotional tools that allow you to market to your fans in a way that makes sense for you.

    It doesn't stop on your website, though. FanCue gives you the ability to target any product for sale on Facebook and other app-friendly sites. There is no longer any need to use multiple, unsynchronized solutions for eCommerce. Contact us to find out more about our eCommerce features.

  • Social Network Integration

    social network and media services for custom facebook and twitter integrationWith so many social outlets for fans to use, trying to connect with all of them can be overwhelming. FanCue allows you to push content from your website directly to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It also gives you the opportunity to drive these users back to your website and build a community that you have complete access to and control over. This is made even easier by allowing fans to use their Facebook account to login to your website, start interacting and even buy some merch!

    Why stop with just content, though? FanCue gives you the ability to sell merch directly on Facebook and other app-based services. We also offer custom app development for these social networks with seamless integration, allowing you to manage very complex social campaigns from one location. Contests, promotions, eCommerce, or just-plain-fun experiences for fans can be built to your heart's desire. Contact us to find out more about social network integration.

  • Email Marketing

    email marketing tools for digital professionals in the entertainment industryEmail marketing has long been the foundation of online communication with fans. It has rarely been as easy as social network communication, however. With FanCue's powerful email marketing tools, this is no longer the case. The FanCue platform allows you to quickly build a mailing list based on user demographics, location, and activity on your site. Compose your email using the same powerful tools provided throughout the FanCue platform, and track the performance of your campaign through detailed analytics.

    In addition, our design staff will customize your email marketing to compliment your website perfectly rather than relying on templates. With the ability to tie your email marketing to eCommerce, contests, tour dates, and endless other features related to your site, FanCue gives you the ability to execute the perfect strategy in marketing to your fans.

    Contact us to learn more about email marketing.

  • Merchandise Design

    merchandise, cd packaging, t-shirt, book, etc designs by professional entertainment designersFanCue, at its core, is a ground-breaking web platform taylored for artists, authors, actors, atheletes, (acrobats?). What really sets us apart, however, is the strength of our creative and design services. As a product of iDesign (creators of FanCue), you have full access to our award winning design staff, whose credentials include websites, print materials, branding, interactive games, creative campaigns, and many other aspects of the advertising industry.

    Consult with our design professionals to create a truly integrated campaign that gives your website, merchandise, and branding a consistent, inspiring look. Contact us to learn more about our design services.

  • Fan Clubs

    Your fan club represents the most passionate and loyal members of your entire fan community. It is important to have the best tools available for managing and connecting with them. From enabling meet and greet requests and ticketing to automation of membership kit mailers, FanCue has got you covered. Communicate with your fan club instantly online or via email and take the hassle out of providing value in your fan club membership.

    Contact us today to tell us more about your fan club needs.

  • Digital Strategy

    While FanCue provides you with all of the tools that you need to connect with you fans, a digital marketing professional is often the key to a thriving online community. Our network of digital marketing and social media experts can help you execute the perfect strategy for social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as your own website. From successful startups to multi-million fan communities, there is no job to big or too small for our social gurus.

    As your digital strategy partner, our goal is to work around your timeline and needs. Social media services can be scaled up during periods when increased promotions, contests, etc. are required, and scaled back to keep fans interested without burning them out during quieter periods. We understand that your needs are different project to project and month to month, which is why our marketing services are never bundled, giving you have access to industry leading professionals along with a healthy bottom line.

  • Street Teams

    Your fans have a passion for your art. With FanCue, it is easy to utilize those most passionate in grass roots promotions at any career phase. Create groups, initiatives, and stay in touch with your street team to give your marketing that extra boost.

    For those who need consulting and execution for street teams, we offer a network of digital marketing and street team strategists with a wealth of experience. Maintaining the trust and devotion that your fans have for you, while executing the perfect grass roots campaign is our highest priority.

    Contact us to find out more about street team marketing.

  • Mobile

    Check any advertising medium and take note of how much time goes by before you see an ad for a smartphone or tablet device. Not very long, right? The market for mobile devices is larger than ever, and growing fast. Minimally, you need the confidence that mobile and tablet users will have the same experience on your website as desktop users. Optimally, you need a development team that knows the latest mobile-friendly technologies and can create the perfect experience for all devices that your fans connect with.

    The FanCue developers take great pleasure in geeking out over HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, iOS and Android technologies (call today for more exciting buzzwords). We will consult with you to determine what your goals are for your audience on any device, and how to build fan loyalty through all available outlets. Contact us to find out more about mobile marketing.